A long-awaited tribute to,
And a celebration of the love for,
Diana, Princess of Wales

Diana, Princess of Wales is one of the greatest icons of our time. “Call Me Diana” is a true tribute to the People’s Princess and a celebration of the undying love for this remarkable woman. Each spectacular scene, along with twenty original music tracks takes us through Princess Diana’s fascinating and emotional Royal journey.

Starting with her untimely death, we travel back in time to witness the shy young woman battling through a broken fairy tale only to emerge as the confident world class superstar she became. Diana empowered women right across the globe. She changed the Monarchy, she fought back against the villains of the piece....the paparazzi, and her legacy will continue to be a positive force for years to come. This long-awaited spectacular musical, “Call Me Diana”, will bring tears of joy and unabashed smiles to audiences around the world.

Help us create a “Call Me Diana” showcase fit for a Princess

Using our existing funds, our Showcase will be staged at the Leicester Square Theatre, in London’s West End on the 19th September, 2019. It will be performed in front of an invited audience of Investors, Producers and the media, in a bid to raise the funding needed to stage the full on-going production.

The theatre is booked. Our Star, Natasha John is in place. The intensive rehearsals are booked and ready to go. Our Theatre Director, John DeGaetano and his entire production team have booked their flights from the USA, their accommodation in London is booked too.

So why are we looking to raise more funds?

In all honesty the extra funds would enable us to present a far more polished Showcase.
Along with many other finishing touches, your support will give us the opportunity to perform the show’s original music tracks with a much larger orchestra, and incentivise our cast and crew.

This is a special tribute and we need your help to make it just that….SPECIAL.

A musical lovingly created
by those who admired her,
factually overseen by
our story editor, who knew her

There are, and have been other shows and movies about the life of Princess Diana. Such is their content that they can never be classified as a tribute to the wonderful woman who touched the world’s heart in so many ways. The person who the Princess bounced back into made such a positive impact right across the globe. “Call Me Diana” celebrates the love and adoration of the public, which resulted from the icon the Princess created.

For over ten years Composer David Smart and Lyricist Brian Watson have written and rewritten this show, such was their concern that a true tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales had to be created. David and Brian didn’t want to just entertain the audience, they want to make their audience feel comfortable with the accuracy of the story of Diana as it unfolds before them.

The result was that the pair engaged Richard Kay as the show’s Story Editor. Richard Kay was London’s top Royal correspondent for most of Princess Diana’s Royal lifetime. Indeed, he became one of the Princess’ closest friends, and her personal confidant. It was Richard who received the last phone call from Diana on the day that she died. Who better to make sure that “Call Me Diana” is presented as the perfect tribute to the remarkable Diana, Princess of Wales.


Listen to some of the 20 original music tracks from this spectacular show.
Music lovingly written and composed by Brian Watson and David Smart. ©Smart/Watson 2005.

Our team

A collaboration of experienced media professionals, each of whom, in their different ways can tell a story and, make it interesting, engaging and very entertaining.

Feedback from Bert Fink

“The idea is a really strong one, as I am sure you know, and the songs you’ve provided here definitely piqued my curiosity! ‘Love Double Cross’ is especially strong, and I liked the Gilbert & Sullivan flavour of ‘A Sergeant Major’s Job’. Please keep me posted as the project develops. If there’s a Showcase in the near future, I’d be delighted to attend.”

Bert Fink, (Then) Senior Vice President, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Europe.

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